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Europe Offers a Range of Investment Opportunity

By Patrick Dine There are many different countries in Western Europe and to think of Western Europe or even Europe as one monolithic entity is always a mistake of ...Full Article

U.S. ED Leaders Report Germany as Top Source Of International Prospects

In Avalanche Consulting’s latest biannual survey in July, 104 economic developers indicate that 17 percent of economic development prospects come from foreign countries, the same share reported in 2011. ...Full Article

Germany Invests 1.5% of GDP to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change

“The German Landscape of Climate Finance,” a report recently released by the Climate Policy Initiative, provides an overview of how German businesses, households, and government finance renewable energy and ...Full Article

2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index Released

During the next five years, 20th-century manufacturing stalwarts like the United States, Germany and Japan will be challenged to maintain their competitive edge against emerging nations such as China, ...Full Article

Bechtel and Subsea 7 to Pursue Offshore Wind Projects

Bechtel and Subsea 7 announced on October 8 that they will work together to develop offshore wind and associated transmission projects in Europe, including the UK and Germany. Bechtel ...Full Article

In Europe, Greater Variety Implies Greater Complexity

By Andreas Dressler Anyone following the news about Europe in the past couple of years may have gained a dismal impression of the continent’s economic situation.  A never-ending financial ...Full Article