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Big Data Means Big Possibilities

By Mark Kleszczewski As digital technology advances and the world grows more interconnected, the boom in ‘big data’ is continuing at an astounding pace. In less than a decade, ...Full Article

U.S. Manufacturing 2013: From Rust Belt to Tech Belt

Results of rapid prototyping for aircraft applications. By Mark Kleszczewski Though much of American industry has been taking a beating for years from globalization, erratic demand and a flight ...Full Article

Filling the Next Gen Manufacturing Jobs Gap

By David Hodes The future of manufacturing in the United States is all about advances — everything from wind turbines to biomedical devices to parts for missiles and for ...Full Article

The Infinite Potential of Food and Feedstocks

By Rachel Duran Northeast Texas is home to a diverse base of agricultural commodities including an expanding viticulture industry. The High Plains region is home to more than 4,000 ...Full Article

Collaboration with Communities Helps Food Processors Flourish

By Rachel Duran Food processing firms looking for ways to gain competitive advantages search for locations that offer a combination of business must haves, as well as opportunities to ...Full Article

Composite Materials Industry Turns the Tide

By Rachel Duran KLW Plastics Inc. is a visionary company that won over, through testing and demonstrated product integrity, a governing body to make an exemption in its regulations, ...Full Article

Texas Transmission Lines Create Numerous Prospects

Oncor’s installation of 1,000 miles of transmission lines to support the movement of wind energy not only opens up more acreage to support industries looking to access energy from ...Full Article

Pacific Northwest Bi-state Area Offers More Choices

For manufacturing firms, low cost energy and the ability to partner with three counties in a two-state region presents a number of options in meeting business needs. Food processors, ...Full Article

The Automotive Industry – Primed For Success

Looking for new market opportunities? Strategically located communities are at the ready to support your vision. By Melissa Anderson If you believe the maxim, “What doesn’t kill you makes ...Full Article

The Driving Forces Of An Economic Resurgence

 The automotive industry is recovering, reinventing and resurging. By David Hodes The regions of economic depression from the failure of the automotive industry beginning in the 1990s — most ...Full Article