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Green Tech

Clean Tech Industry’s Call to Action

Interview conducted by Rachel Duran  Cities and states have taken the lead in policy development in regard to the United States’ clean tech sector, fostering the industry’s development and ...Full Article

Manufacturing Goes Clean and Green

By Mark Kleszczewski North America’s renewable energy marketplace has seen many changes in the last two years, especially in the solar, wind and biofuel industries which are facing an ...Full Article

Advancing Biofuels

By David Hodes In the quest for better and cheaper sources of clean and renewable fuel, and energy independence for the country, the biotech industry that includes new sources ...Full Article

Biomass: Getting Ready for Growth

By Mark Kleszczewski Even in a global and national economy marked by lower demand, the need for secure, cost-effective sources of energy continues unabated. Fossil fuels still reign supreme, ...Full Article

Solar Energy: Strong as it has Ever Been

By David Hodes Solar energy and the associated installations, solar farms and component manufacturing developments have taken their place as part of the economic engine in the country, creating ...Full Article

Bottling the Wind

By Sharon H. Fitzgerald As America continues to push for renewable, domestic sources of energy, the wind sector more than ever before is piquing the interest of communities lucky ...Full Article

Carlsbad, N.M., Expands Its Energy Industry

Carlsbad is home to a rapidly growing traditional oil and gas industry, and a burgeoning solar energy marketplace. In fact, Carlsbad and Eddy County are the largest oil and ...Full Article

Sacramento Blazes The Cleantech Trail

Vibrant cleantech clusters are found in communities that have fully bought into the prospects. By Rachel Duran During the last two-and-a-half decades the cleantech industry has gone through fits ...Full Article

To Lure Sustainable Companies, The Connection Is The People

A variety of sustainable companies outline what they were looking for when siting new operations. By Sharon H. Fitzgerald The year was 1997 when John Elkington, a global authority ...Full Article

Real Results In Sustainable Real Estate

Healthy buildings and healthy profits. By Mark Kleszczewski In the residential housing market, “green” or “sustainable” homes use energy, water and building materials much more efficiently than structures simply ...Full Article