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Green Tech

Smart Building Apps Ascend on Corporate Priority Lists

By Rachel Duran The adaption of smart building technologies in the United States has expanded beyond the office sector, spreading across real estate asset types such as health care ...Full Article

Cleantech Revolves Around the Sun

By David Hodes The sustainable energy picture took a bit of a beating last year, foundering within the bubble of uncertainty about incentives and other tax credits. There is ...Full Article

Communities Push a Productive Pathway to Cleantech

By David Hodes The support for clean technologies among manufacturers and other industries has rapidly spread throughout the world in the last 10 years in part as a response ...Full Article

Solar Continues to Lead Renewables Boom

By Mark Kleszczewski The boom in renewable energy generation continues unabated, fueled by growing demand, increasing efficiencies and ongoing declines in component prices. Of the many non-hydro renewable sources ...Full Article

Tech Giants Expand Renewable Energy Market

By Mark Kleszczewski Relatively low-cost oil and natural gas have garnered significant attention in the U.S. energy market in the last decade, but one of the biggest developments in ...Full Article

Wind Energy Boosts Big Companies

By Mark Kleszczewski As the wind industry continues to rebound from its slowdown in early 2013, direct investments in wind power projects are accelerating as major companies look for ...Full Article

The Rush of Wind Power

By David Hodes Renewable wind energy sources for electricity generation operations are on a fast-track to quicker development, even in light of developments in fracking technologies that allow more ...Full Article

Wind Energy Industry Ramps Back Up

By Rachel Duran The second half of 2013 finds wind energy developers rebuilding their project pipelines, bouncing back from a slowdown in the first half of the year, where ...Full Article

Solar: Certain and Steady Growth Despite Challenges

By David Hodes Today’s steady development of the solar industry has taken some hits from the economic downturn, that, along with the rise of more available and cheaper natural ...Full Article

Next Generation Renewables

By Mark Kleszczewski Even though relatively low-cost natural gas has become a major player factor in today’s domestic energy market, it’s an exciting time for renewable energy. In the ...Full Article