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Latin America — America’s Backyard Frontier

By Kathleen Brush, Ph.D. The International Monetary Fund’s regional growth forecasts for 2013 have just taken a haircut. For the United States its 2.1 percent, for the EU it’s ...Full Article

In Europe, Greater Variety Implies Greater Complexity

By Andreas Dressler Anyone following the news about Europe in the past couple of years may have gained a dismal impression of the continent’s economic situation.  A never-ending financial ...Full Article

All About Cross-Border M&As

By Mona Pearl Editor’s Note: This article includes excerpts from Grow Globally: Opportunities for Your Middle-Market Company Around the World. Copyright 2011 by Mona Pearl.  Reprinted with permission of ...Full Article

Global Growth: New Players, New Opportunities

By Mona Pearl You know you should make a move, and you think your product or service could perform well in international markets, but how do you decide where ...Full Article

The New Shape Of Economic Promotion In Britain

By Shirar O’Connor Everyone is feeling the pinch these days, and it is not only due to the global recession. For decades, government spending has outweighed revenues, and many ...Full Article