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Biopharma Manufacturing: Budgets Continue to Expand

By Eric S. Langer The biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry rebounded from the recession in recent years with renewed budgets, even as the industry sought to become leaner and less dependent ...Full Article

Vision, Cooperation and Capital Stimulate Bio

By Rachel Duran Bioscience companies involved in the site selection process will find locations throughout the country are successfully closing gaps and creating new opportunities in their clusters. In ...Full Article

Biopharma Continues Globalization Efforts

By Eric Langer The biopharmaceutical industry is still one of the most recession-proof, healthy industries in the United States, if not the world. The pharmaceutical R&D pipeline (small molecules ...Full Article

Enthusiasm Abounds In The Biopharma Industry

The world market for biopharmaceuticals is now about $140 billion1, growing at 15-to-18 percent annually. In fact, the biopharmaceutical market itself is the biggest positive long-term trend in the ...Full Article

Boosting Biosciences In 2012

Featuring significant exports, world-class innovation and quality jobs, the multifaceted biosciences industry — whose subsectors include agricultural feedstock, drugs and pharmaceuticals, medical devices, R&D commercialization laboratories and major medical ...Full Article