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Ford Automotive Parts Supplier Expands to Kansas City

Grupo Antolin North America recently announced it will invest more than $15.7 million in a 148,800-square-foot automotive manufacturing facility, creating an estimated 118 new jobs. Grupo Antolin’s state-of-the-art manufacturing ...Full Article

Canada Forecasts Stronger Growth in 2014

Interview conducted by Rachel Duran Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted October 23, 2013. For the latest information in regard to the forecast for the Canadian economy, visit www.conferenceboard.ca. ...Full Article

U.S. Southeast Will Continue to Outperform Overall Economy

Interview conducted by Rachel Duran Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted on October 18, 2013. For the latest economic news and the results of the Leading Economic Index, visit ...Full Article

Automotive: Lightweighting Central to Mass Reduction

By Rachel Duran Automotive manufacturers are hard at work meeting fuel economy mandates set for 2025, looking to reduce the mass weight of vehicles in any manner possible. Under ...Full Article

New Tech Electrifies the Auto Industry

By Mark Kleszczewski It wasn’t that long ago when most of the automotive industry in North America had to intently focus on boosting production efficiencies, reducing costs, squeezing suppliers ...Full Article

Wind Energy Industry Ramps Back Up

By Rachel Duran The second half of 2013 finds wind energy developers rebuilding their project pipelines, bouncing back from a slowdown in the first half of the year, where ...Full Article

Solar: Certain and Steady Growth Despite Challenges

By David Hodes Today’s steady development of the solar industry has taken some hits from the economic downturn, that, along with the rise of more available and cheaper natural ...Full Article

Next Generation Renewables

By Mark Kleszczewski Even though relatively low-cost natural gas has become a major player factor in today’s domestic energy market, it’s an exciting time for renewable energy. In the ...Full Article

Renewable Energies — Innovation and Global Opportunity

By Mona Pearl One of the most rapidly emerging global trends is the growth of environmental and sustainable engineering technologies. A growing consciousness about the value of protecting our ...Full Article

Get Carried Away with Renewable Energy

It is an exciting time to be involved in the maturing U.S. renewable energy market. Solar is the fastest-growing energy sector, the use of biomass energy is on the ...Full Article