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Fall Editor’s Letter: Can Drones Help Feed the World? 

renjith krishnan

By 2050 the world’s population is expected to reach 9.6 billion people. One of the major undertakings is how to feed the additional population, up from 2013’s 7.2 billion. Given the fact that we can’t add land dedicated to growing food, producers and their partners are finding ways to make the most of existing resources.
One of the assets expected to make a difference is the implementation of precision agriculture, using unmanned aerial systems to monitor crops and collect data that allows for timely decision making. “Precision Agriculture Will Boost Agribusiness Industry” outlines how UAS will allow farmers to measure field conditions like never before, revolutionizing traditional agriculture with improved crop yields and dramatically reducing the use of fertilizers.
Meeting the growing global demand for agriculture products spells opportunity. In “Agribusiness and Food Processing Boom Continues” we discover a growing area of activity in the sector is in the export of processed and packaged food. Learn more about the trend, as well as the latest in regard to advances in agribusiness clusters located throughout the country.
Also Inside
Advances in technology assist in making any industry more efficient. Smart building technologies are becoming widely deployed across a range of industries, and for a number of reasons. “Smart Building Apps Ascend on Corporate Priority Lists” outlines how corporations and institutions are implementing strategies, including low cost or no cost initiatives, to reduce their environmental footprints and use real estate more efficiently.
All too often we hear about reducing our environmental footprint — but what does it all mean? And how do we get there? “Communities Push a Productive Pathway to Cleantech” details how supportive community and business leadership teams make the difference to corporations that are developing cleantech products and services to help businesses meet their sustainability goals.
A hot spot in the industry is the emergence of solar energy technologies, where installations of solar panels have climbed 40 percent, and where advances in batteries and battery storage are creating excitement for the long term. “Cleantech Revolves Around the Sun” discusses the solar energy trend as well as other leading developments in the cleantech space.
Interestingly, advances in solar energy technologies will play an important role in ensuring the long-term endurance of unmanned aerial systems used in precision agriculture.

Rachel Duran
Editor in Chief

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