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Summer 2014 Editor’s Letter: Is Manufacturing Roaring Back? 

renjith krishnan

As increases in new orders, and projected expansions by manufacturers roll out, industry is stepping up investment, while at the same time looking to cut logistics-related costs. “Logistics Operations Ready to Handle Increases in Demand” outlines a few locations across the country that will allow you to meet your logistics needs with assets such as intermodal operations — even horizontal-launch commercial spaceport services.

While the jury is still out as to whether the trend of reshoring and nearshoring of manufacturing operations will stay around for the long term, “Reshoring: The Supply Chain Returns” discusses the opportunity and what it means to the supply chain. The critical functions of logistics and supply chain management can make the competitive difference.

When it comes to renewable energy and competitive advantage, alternative resources are increasingly finding their way into mainstream electric generation. “Solar Continues to Lead Renewables Boom” notes the opportunities in the solar energy market, including the fact that lower costs allow these industry activities to take place in more geographies.

Also Inside

This issue also includes coverage on the trends unfolding in regard to issues of cybersecurity and defense and what they mean to economic development.

The innumerable cyber threats to consumer privacy and national security are spurring creative technological solutions. In the “Surge in Cybersecurity Revs Up Startups” we learn that cybersecurity is not just about national security but also about economic stability and individual privacy. It is one thing to stave off attacks; what happens once cyber threats are inside your network? Small firms and startups are working swiftly to provide solutions, spinning out technologies developed in established military and defense clusters.

Defense industry members are working to fortify their clusters to ensure economic stability. “Defense in an Era of Budget Uncertainties” says the formation of regional partnerships between players in higher education, the public sector, and industry suppliers, will go a long way toward fostering resilient economies. Particular those with assets to support emerging developments in the areas of unmanned systems, cybersecurity and IT. These clusters’ members aren’t waiting for the outcome of the U.S. defense budget battle to bring stakeholders together to enhance their strengths.

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