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Georgia’s Deal Signs Bill to Promote Global Commerce 


Recently, Governor Nathan Deal signed two key economic-related bills while at a ceremony held at Kia Motors Manufacturing  Georgia’s facility in West Point. House Bill 475 will start a reciprocal driver’s license program for legal international citizens, and Senate Bill 122 will allow noncitizens to apply for an extension of their Georgia driver’s licenses within a certain time frame.

“International companies bring in around 20 percent of all new jobs created in Georgia each year,” Deal says. “The reciprocal benefits outlined in HB 475 will benefit the state’s status as a global player and reinforce Georgia’s reputation as a welcoming state.”

The Department of Drivers’ Services will oversee the reciprocity program, and the Department of Economic Development will verify that countries considered for the agreement will make, or are likely to make, a substantial economic investment in Georgia. Individuals will only qualify for the program if they have a lawful presence in the state and their home country offers similar opportunities for Georgians with a valid driver’s license.

SB 122 will permit noncitizens whose Georgia driver’s license is facing expiration, or has already expired, to request a temporary driving permit or identification card valid for an additional 120 days, given they can remain lawfully within the United States.

For complete details, visit www.georgia.org.

Illustration by imagerymajestic at Free Digital Photos.net

Compiled from Georgia Department of Economic Development press release.

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