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Organizations investing more in talent, but is it paying off? 

mercer talent barometer

Talent is the key to success in today’s global economy, but as organizations increase their investment in human capital many of them question whether it is paying off. According to Mercer’s new Talent Barometer Survey, 60 percent of organizations worldwide report increasing their investment in talent in recent years. However, a much smaller percentage of respondents, 24 percent, say their plans are highly effective in meeting immediate and long-term human capital needs.

Additionally, 77 percent of those surveyed by Mercer have a strategic workforce plan in place. But when asked whether it is part of their longer-term strategy, only 12 percent said they had plans that extended for five years or more. What’s more, fewer than one-third of organizations actively implement a strategic wellness approach to overall health management.

Mercer is a global consultancy, specializing in talent, health, retirement and investments.
Are talent investments paying off?
Infographic by Mercer Insights

“With the information and data analytics available today, employers can measure and manage their talent like never before,” says Julio A. Portalatin, president and CEO, Mercer. “The question is whether the increased attention and efforts deliver the intended results. Outperformance requires a blend of innovative solutions and a fact-based approach to managing talent.”

Mercer’s Talent Barometer research also explores key accelerators of talent effectiveness – education, health and wellness, and career experience – and their impact on successful workforce practices.

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Compiled from Mercer press materials.


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