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Miami’s Beacon Council Releases Multinational Directory 

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The Beacon Council, the official economic development agency for Miami-Dade County, Fla., in partnership with WorldCity, a media company, has released the “Who’s Here” directory, a list of more than 1,000 multinationals with offices located in South Florida.

“This directory showcases how Miami-Dade County has evolved into an international business platform for all of the Americas and even regions outside the Americas,” says Frank R. Nero, president and CEO, The Beacon Council.

The directory features detailed information on multinationals and includes 10 mini-profiles of heads of companies with billion dollar revenues called “Billion-Dollar Bosses,” and a two-page world map showing the 55 nations represented in the publication. Additional detail is available online for a fee.

For more details, visit the Beacon Council.

Illustration by Kookkai_nak at Free Digital Photos.net

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