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U.S. Exports Breaking Records 

usa trade office

In this month’s International Trade Update enewsletter, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Francisco Sánchez, discusses how U.S. exports are reaching all-time record highs.

Here is an excerpt:

“We’re opening new doors of opportunity so that American businesses can reach as many customers as possible, and sell their products in all corners of the world.  As a result of this work, we’ve helped President Obama’s trade agenda reach some important milestones.

Through September, U.S. exports of both goods ($134.0 billion) and services ($53.0 billion) reached all-time record highs. This is good for jobs, growth and the overall economy, which is why we continue to push forward with focus and urgency.

It’s been a busy month at ITA, full of lots of successes and progress. One notable experience for me was leading an historic trip to Africa that included the first-ever trade mission to Zambia. President Obama says that Africa can be the world’s next great economic success story, and our delegation saw this promise up close in the form of an expanding middle class and strong economic growth. U.S. companies have played a role in this development, and want to continue to do so.”

For more details, view the enewsletter from the International Trade Administration.

Illustration by ddpavumba at Free Digital Photos.net

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