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“2012 World Green Buildings Study” Says Industry is Accelerating Globally 

green building study

The green building marketplace is accelerating, according to a new study being released today at the “Greenbuild International Conference and Expo” in San Francisco.

The study was conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction in partnership with United Technologies, with support from the World Green Building Council and the U.S. Green Building Council. Additional research association partners also participated.

The study says companies view going green as a business opportunity rather than a niche market. Overwhelmingly, firms report that their top reasons to do green work are client demand (35 percent) and market demand (33 percent) — two key business drivers of strategic planning.

The next top reasons were also oriented toward the corporate bottom line — lower operating costs (30 percent) and branding advantage (30 percent). In contrast, the top reason in 2008 motivating the green building market was doing the right thing (42 percent) and market transformation (35 percent), followed by client and market demand.

In the next three years, the sectors with the largest opportunity for green building around the world include new construction and renovation projects.

In the United Kingdom and Singapore, green renovation projects were planned by the greatest number of firms at 65 and 69 percent respectively. In Brazil and UAE, new projects pose the largest opportunity. In Brazil, 83 percent of firms are planning to work on new green commercial projects over the next three years, and in the UAE, 73 percent have new green institutional projects planned.

For complete details about this project, view http://bit.ly/ZD4zz5.

Illustration by noomhh of Free Digital Photos.

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