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Global Renewable Energy Investments Continue to Grow 

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New Worldwatch Institute research reviews the rise in global investments in renewable energy, despite the economic recession. The research conducted for the institute’s climate and energy program, says investments in renewable energy technologies continued their steady rise in 2011, with total new investments in renewable power and fuels (excluding large hydropower and solar hot water) reaching $257 billion, up from $220 billion in 2010. In a year marked by falling costs for renewable energy technologies, net investment in renewable power capacity was $40 billion greater than investment in fossil fuel capacity.

Highlights from the research include:

*Solar technologies led all renewable energy investment by technology

* Investments in small scale distributed generation power projects grew by 25 percent

*Trends from the first two quarters of 2012 indicate investment in renewables has fallen behind 2011

For complete details about how industry sectors and countries fared, visit www.worldwatch.org.

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